How Trump is Succeeding in his new Business: The United States of America


If you have ever read my blog, you know that my ‘pet peeve’ is the fact that the mainstream media is failing America. They have given Trump a free pass by holding him to the lowest standards in presidential history. This began in June of 2015 and has worsened today.

They are ignoring the most serious problems in America; as stated by the majority of our nation’s people; poverty, immigration, and DACA, as they allow themselves to be led into discussions related to alternative facts and fake news. There has never been a serious discussion about these shameful situations. They ignored the fact; the fact that Trump is an admitted sexual predator. They have allowed him to violate ethics violations by not only continuing to control his foreign business; he is growing them. A preponderance of circumstantial evidence proves that Trump has colluded with Vladimir Putin for at least 12 years, but this is not sensationalism and does not sell advertising.

Their greatest failure is to ignore the fact that Trump is using the United States government and Treasury as his own personal business. No longer is he using his own money to maintain a life of luxury and privilege. Trump has spent nearly $90 million of taxpayer money traveling to and from his golf resorts, and holding “rallies;” rallies which are nothing more than efforts to soothe his fragile ego. His family and staff have wasted additional millions of dollars by increasing secret service costs and using private or military aircraft for their travels.

Trump has increased his personal business interests during his ten months plus in office; both domestically and internationally. He has profited approximately one million dollars from members of his own party and other political cronies staying at his properties.

The Center for Responsible Politics had this to say.

Those seeking to curry favor with Trump are not only donating to his reelection campaign but holding fundraisers and galas at his resorts, private clubs and hotels — the proceeds of which benefit him and his family,” CRP said.

The two Trump “toadies” who have spent the most are Representative from New Jersey, Tom MacArthur; $15,221; and infamous Putin asset, Dana Rohrabacher from California; $12,546.

Not a one Democrat has spent a single day’s stay at a Trump-brand property.

Finally it appears that Trump’s destructive tax plan will be passed in a totally partisan effort. Once again, no Democrat will offer a ‘yes’ vote simply because it will harm the majority.

This, too will benefit Trump’s income level. While he and 584 other billionaires and 10.7 million millionaires will receive huge tax cuts, the middle class will pick up the bill. The number of Americans living below the poverty line will grow. More than 13 million low-income Americans will lose their healthcare. Hypocrites in the Republican Party are eager to pass this bill in homage to their immoral and illegitimate president.

Let them know what you think about their traitorous actions. Your vote is a bullet through the area where their hearts used to be. Republicans are the enemy, and they will experience a life-changing defeat when you vote them out of office on November 6, 2018.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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