“God Bless America: May She Rest in Peace”

Jones (3)

I wrote a very similar headline on November 9, 2016. If vile, immoral, racist men such as Trump or Roy Moore can be elected to our federal government, our nation no longer exists. The dream of our founding fathers has expired.

Today sexual predators, child molesters, white supremacists, homophobes, Islamophbes, and misogynists are in control of our nation. So, let me explain the title of this article.

I truly believed that a child molester, a criminal, a devout homophobe, and a fake religious extremist would win tonight’s election in Alabama. Although Democrat Doug Jones’ victory was not huge tonight, the fact that he defeated not only Roy Moore, but also Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, is a victory for the real American people.

I remained surprised until the statistics were revealed. Black voters turned out in record numbers. The three demographics who decided Jones’ victory were minorities, women, and younger voters. Old white men, and poorly educated Alabamans lost.

Most importantly, this was a victory for Americans who believe in the ideals of our Constitution. America is a nation which is proud of its diversity. In less than a few decades, a great majority or our nation will be mixed race and composed of a growing number of religions who will replace the dominance of Christians and old, white Americans will be disappearing from America’s mainstream. This will fulfill the dreams of our founding fathers.

Every once in a while my hope and faith in America is renewed. On November 9th, 2016, I existed in a state of mind I can only describe as ‘mindless.’ I refused to believe that such a vile and depraved man as Donald Trump had become the President of the United States. Born in July of 1946, I am an original baby boomer. However, unlike many in my age group, I have chosen to move forward. I support all women’s rights. I not only have friends who are members of the LGBTQ community, I embrace them. I refuse to belong to any organized religion, but I support any American’s choice of a faith other than Christianity. I have never understood prejudice based on the color of the skin color of a man or woman. I don’t believe that men, women, and children who live in poverty choose that lifestyle. Finally, I refuse to support the belief of Republicans that only the wealthy deserve to fully experience the benefits of being an American citizen.

Because Moore rejected true American principles, I consider tonight’s results in Alabama a victory for my country. I admit that I am invigorated. If the reddest state in the Union can elect a Democrat hope is alive.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of Birmingham Public Library

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