Trump Began Encouraging his Supporters to Harbor Hatred and Commit Violence in 2015

Trump (2)

If your are like me, and an avid accuser of Donald Trump and his illegitimate presidency, you must admit that you have a small amount of fear that Trump’s supporters would physically cause harm to you or your family if it became a possibility. I have received hate-filled comments when I reveal the truth about Trump and his circle of sinners many times.

The core of Trump’s supporters is composed of white supremacists and bigots who share Trump’s twisted views of America. They hate everyone who does not agree with their fuhrer, and under Trump’s encouraging rhetoric commit violence against his detractors.

A similar situation is how happening with the few intelligent and courageous citizens of Alabama who openly oppose the candidacy of Roy Moore.

One of the women who accused Moore of sexual assault when she was a teenager is Beverly Young Nelson. Ms. Nelson charged Moore with a physical assault when she was 16 years old. Moore was a regular customer at a small restaurant where she worked as a waitress. One night he offered her a ride home; stopped the car, and attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him. Moore continues to claim that he never met the young woman, but multiple witnesses support Ms. Nelson.

Since she told her story to the press, she has received multiple threats, and is afraid to leave her home. She continues to state that the thought of Moore becoming a United States Senator “sickens” her.

It sickens me to wonder what may go on with him if he gets into office,” Nelson told ABC News’ Tom Llamas in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America.”

“He could be doing this still,” Nelson told ABC News. “We don’t know. And, then again, I hope that he’s changed. I pray that he’s changed. I really do.”

Moore continues to remain in denial, and is fully supported by Donald Trump who has also been accused by multiple women of sexual assault.

These allegations are completely false. They’re malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women, nor have I ever engaged in sexual misconduct with any woman,” he said last week before a crowd of supporters at a rally in Henagar, Alabama.

While Democrats have adopted a zero tolerance policy related to all forms of sexual harassment, Republicans continue their policy of denial and place their party ahead of the law and morality. The term is ‘hypocrite.’

Support the women of our nation and re-post this article; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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