What the Government Does not Want You to Know About Social Security: The Truth

social security

This article will be short. I simply want to tell you the truth about social security and how your government has stolen money from the system for 82 years.

The working man’s president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, signed social security into law on August 14, 1935. Aware that millions of Americans did not have money saved for retirement, a system was created where both the employer and the employee contributed to the plan. At the age of 65, working men and women would begin receiving payments from the funds they contributed to over their lifetime of work. The amount would be based on the individual’s total contributions.

The system was designed to be self-perpetuating. So, why does the government complain about the amount of money needed from the annual budget to continue the program? The government doesn’t want to tell the truth.

Social security was not intended to be a part of the budget; it was separated from all other government programs. I was told that I would never live long enough to receive the total sum that I and my employers put into the system.

Republicans are offering the excuse that huge numbers of baby boomers are entering retirement age, and the money is just not there. Where is it? They contributed to it and if it’s not there, the government used it for something else; they stole it.

If no one lives long enough to receive all the money contributed to the program, where did the excess go? What did our corrupt government do with our money?

A story I read the other day may offer one of the reasons why the social security funds have been embezzled by our elected officials.

A Republican congressman took $84,000 from a hidden treasury fund to quiet a woman who accused him of sexual assault. Now I must ask a serious question; how many other secret funds is congress hiding from the American people? Most importantly, where is all the money contributed by employers and employees for 82 years?

Our government will never answer these questions, but I will continue to ask them.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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