Paul Ryan’s Continual War on Working Americans and Retirees

Ryan (3)

Of all the failed Republicans in Washington, the biggest supporter of the super rich has always been Paul Ryan. Every “tax plan” he has composed or supported has been aimed at harming the majority and offering the wealthy larger tax cuts. His goal throughout his overstay in Congress has been to drastically cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and give that money to the one-percent.

Naturally, he’s as giddy as a little girl about Trump’s destructive tax plan. The tax breaks for the rich, including Trump, are enormous; the middle class will pay more taxes; 13 million Americans will lose their health insurance; low-income and impoverished Americans will suffer from cuts in programs designed to relieve their suffering and pain; and the fact that the deficit will be increased by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years is of no concern. This all according to the non-partisan CBO.

Of course Ryan is spinning numbers touting increased personal deductions for children, and the doubling of tax free income for the middle class’s first $24,000 of earnings for a family, but he is conveniently ignoring the fact that deductions for medical costs affecting nine million Americans, and mortgage interest and taxes will no longer exist; taxes will rise for certain tax brackets; but not for the wealthy.

As usual for Republicans, their proposal is smoke and mirrors. In one sentence; it is a gift to the wealthiest Americans. The fact is that GOP politicians have been warned by their wealthy donors that no tax breaks for them would mean less campaign contributions in 2018.

As you read the following statement by Ryan, understand that every word; every assumption is a lie.

Actually I don’t think it will increase the deficit. That’s my entire point. I don’t think this will increase the deficit. I think this will give us the kind of economic growth we need to keep jobs, to keep companies here, and faster economic growth. There’s two things you gotta do to get the deficit. You’ve got to grow the economy. You got to control spending. We need—we have far more work to do to control spending. Believe you me. I wish our health care bill that we passed in the House would have passed because that would have done a, been a good step in the process. But we also had to focus on economic growth, and this is our focus on economic growth. We’ve got to get back to controlling spending, but if we don’t pass this tax law, we will not get the kind of economic growth we can get in this country. And if you want to get the deficit and the debt under control, control spending, grow the economy. This grows the economy.”

Now that’s not just smoke and mirrors, it’s an attempt to blow smoke up our a**es.

Vote for Democrats; enough is too much.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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