One Government in all of the Developed Nations of the World Places their People Last: Guess Which One

Republicans were eager to approve nearly 700 billion dollars for the Pentagon to waste. They are just as eager to give additional billions in tax breaks to 585 billionaires and 10.7 million, millionaires. But programs which would help the majority of the American people, assist low-income families, and reduce the number of families living in poverty are being cut or eliminated.

These facts are just some of the reasons why Trump’s silly red hats, which cost $45 each, did not mean a damn thing. America will never be great as long as our government fails to make people the priority; racism and bigotry are eliminated; and income inequality is no longer a problem for the majority.

Trump’s tax cuts for himself and other wealthy Americans will be paid for by the poorest in our society. The money will come from deductions to funds for Medicaid, and a necessity to take money from social security and Medicare. In 2017 social security payments were made to 45 million Americans. As more ‘baby boomers’ retire that number will grow. In 2027 more than 60 million Americans will rightfully expect the money they and their employees paid into the program returned to them. By 2033 at least 77 million Americans will receive social security checks.

My only income is from social security. I have calculated the amount of money I will receive if I live into my early eighties, and it will not equal what I and my employers paid into the program. Congress claims that social security is going broke and paying recipients is too great an expense. What did our government do with my money?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the greatest president in history. He supported the majority; the working man. When he signed into law the Social Security Insurance Act on August 14, 1935, it was self-perpetuating. Americans 65 and older would receive an income to allow them to sustain their lives in America. The money would be returned to them based on their individual contributions. Once again; where did the money go? What “pork belly projects” received the money designated for older Americans?

Congress needs to solve the problem they created. Our military budget is bloated and the facts prove that one-half of their annual funding is wasted on failed projects and bad deals with government contractors.

Finally; ‘trickle-down economics’ has always failed and will continue to do so. The super-rich do not reinvest their profits in America; they place them in offshore accounts or waste them on possessions they do not need.

Trump and his constituents do not need more tax cuts; they need to experience tax increases and stabilize our economy. Look at how well that has worked in California; the sixth largest economy in the world.

For all older Americans, I demand that congress give us back our money.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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