When a Trump “Rally” Failed in Phoenix


Trump was desperate. His approval ratings were historically low; the investigation into his Russian connections is escalating; and members of his own party are abandoning their illegitimate leader. What should he do? He decided to hold a ‘rally’ in Phoenix, Arizona.

Would this rally soothe his fragile ego? Was this a cure for his many problems? The results were mixed.

The event began with speeches and songs which attempted to deflect the fact that their illegitimate president is a white supremacist. The crowd was receptive; and then Trump took the stage. He would rant and rave for 72 minutes, and many of his supporters either left early or became disinterested.

Trump became Trump once again. He attacked the media for their criticism of his support for neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville. He threatened to shut-down the government if it failed to let him have his way and build an unnecessary and expensive wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump told his basket of deplorables that he will ‘probably’ do away with NAFTA. He called the thousands of protesters outside of the arena ‘thugs.’ He suggested that he might pardon the racist former sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio.

He also returned to his white nationalist beliefs, and the crowd chanted “USA, USA.” When he mentioned Hillary Clinton, they once again shouted “Lock her up.” Trump praised FOX Noise, and failed personality Sean Hannity. But his supporters apparently became bored.

Hundreds left early. Others sat down and began browsing through social media, while others began conversations with their neighbors.

Apparently even Trump’s most loyal supporters have become tired of his constant lies and attempts to misdirect the American people from the facts.

The most important minutes of the evening may have been his attacks on Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. This will likely anger the voters of Arizona, and it will also increase the division within the Republican Party. GOP politicians in Washington are beginning to separate themselves from their failing leader.

Without question, Trump’s wounds are self-inflicted. He is his own worst enemy. He is the epitome of what he labels a ‘loser.’ He is America’s biggest mistake, and is harming our nation’s future.

This rally was a pitiful attempt to make himself feel better. No politician speaks for 72 minutes to promote his or her plans for their administration. This is a man who is mentally challenged and unfit to live in the White House.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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