Will Bannon’s “War” Become a Schoolyard Skirmish?

Bannon (2)

After he left the White House, Steve Bannon stated that he had his hands on his weapons” again, and that he’d soon turn his fire on the real enemies of nationalist populism—Republicans and the broadly defined Establishment.

There are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, Trump most likely has Bannon’s cell number on speed dial. When former campaign managers Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort were fired, Trump continued to call them for advice. Bannon and Trump are like-minded. Secondly, they will always be connected to billionaire Robert Mercer. Bannon is back at his home, Breitbart, and Mercer is the extreme right wing publications biggest supporter. Mercer funded and controlled Trump’s campaign from August 2016 until his gift from the Electoral College.

Bannon will be attacking members of the Trump administration, primarily H.R. McMaster, Gary Cohn, and Jared Kushner. He will not focus his revenge on Trump or Stephen Miller; both men are huge fans of Breitbart. Don’t take Brietbart’s claim that Trump flip-flopped on Afghanistan; it’s merely a smoke screen.

The truth is that this is less likely a war than a schoolyard skirmish. His only weapon is Breitbart, and the only fans of this extreme right wing publication and radio broadcast are other white nationalists and bigots. The press is unlikely to ask Bannon for interviews about his opinions. He will once again become a ‘nobody.’

Facts prove that Bannon enjoys the fight. However, his plans to recreate our nation into a more nationally populist state are dashed. His dream of fascism will no longer be a possibility.

There remains one question; how much influence over Trump will he retain? He believed that Trump should have been allowed to be himself. Now that chief of staff, John Kelly, is holding the reigns, how tight will he be able to make them? Will Trump continue to tweet ‘policy?’ And will those tweets align himself with Bannon once again?

Trump is obviously mentally challenged, and my bet is that we will soon see more of Bannon in Trump’s speech than that of Kelly.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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