Three States Gave Trump the Electoral College: How Do they Like him Now?

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Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are typically ‘blue’ states. But on the evening of November 8, 2016, more Republicans voted than Democrats and Donald Trump won the Electoral College. In three states a total of 78,000 votes decided the outcome of the election. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million ballots.

So after seven months and one day of Trump’s illegitimate presidency, how do the voters of these key states feel about him today?

Less than one-third of all adults of voting age support Trump, while more than 40 percent strongly disapprove. More than 60 percent claim that they are embarrassed to have Trump represent the United States of America, and only 25 percent say that he makes them proud.

Another part of the poll revealed that many of those who voted for Trump were actually votes in opposition to the Clintons. The percentage points which gave Trump the Electoral College were extremely small. Trump won Michigan by 0.22 percent; Michigan by 0.72 percent; and Wisconsin by 0.76 percent.

Today Trump is the least popular president in history, with an approval rating of approximately 34 percent.

Trump’s largest voting demographic was white, non-college educated men. Even in that one group his favor-ability is in decline.

The fact is that Trump has been defeating himself; no one is attacking him other than with his own words and actions. His continuous need to lie to the American people prevents Americans from trusting him. His tweets are senseless and unsubstantiated attacks on those who point out his mistakes, and are immature and demeaning. Trump’s recent failure to denounce Nazis and white supremacists may have been his final act of self-destruction.

The fact is that most of this was known prior to Trump’s nomination, and millions continued to support him. This makes me question the overall compass of our nation’s people. It made sense to me that when the “Access Hollywood” tapes were revealed his campaign was null and void. Knowing that the man who would be living in the White House was guilty of sexual assault and a was in fact a sexual predator, from his own admissions, should have ended his run for the presidency. This was proof for me that the right wing does not care about character, principles, or morals; they care about winning. It proved that Republican’s support of Christianity is hypocritical, and is merely a ruse to obtain support and votes for their unqualified candidates.

America must return to believing in the Constitution and not the false profits on the right who promise everything and do nothing.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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