Mike Pence Admits that he Joins Trump in Support of White Nationalism

Pence (3)

Mike Pence’ face almost had color in it; he was very angry. Pence was defending Donald Trump’s statement about the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. It wasn’t so much about what he said, it’s about what he didn’t say. I was not surprised.

Trump failed to admit that this situation would never have occurred if angry and hate filled white supremacists had not intentionally incited violence. I never thought that he would say anything about these hate groups; they are his most avid supporters.

During the 2016 campaign the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalist groups endorsed Donald Trump. He refused to denounce those endorsements. Trump’s hate speech at his rallies paralleled the beliefs of these white supremacists. After his election Trump proved himself to be a white supremacist. His first choices for his White House staff were Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions; both men have a history of racism and a belief in white nationalism.

Pence’ defense of Trump offers proof that he, too, is a white supremacist. He has long been known as a man suffering from severe homophobia, but now we know that he believes that whites are superior to all other races.

While addressing a crowd in Colombia, Pence said that “it was appropriate to criticize not only the white supremacists behind the ‘Unite the Right’ march but also counter-protesters on the scene.”

Trump and Pence are in denial. White supremacist groups are terrorist groups. Until our illegitimate government admits this fact, hate crimes will continue to grow in America. They are coming out of the shadows in huge numbers with the support of a leader who now defiles the White House.

The mainstream media, including television “news,” have a responsibility to the American people. They must expose a corrupt and immoral government in Washington. They must offer the truth and the facts associated with that truth. Domestic terrorism is a reality.

Why does the Justice Department condone these groups? Attorney General Jeff Sessions is waging a war against medical marijuana, but ignores the existence of white terrorism. The answer is simple, Sessions shares their vile and anti-American beliefs.

Refuse to accept the ‘alternative facts’ offered by Trump, Pence, and his circle of sinners. Trump’s administration is composed of white nationalists who want to change America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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