What to Do when an American President Proves that he is Mentally Incompetent

Trump (4)

During the last week, Trump has proven that he is mentally incompetent to not only be your illegitimate president, but that he is a danger to our nation and the world. It’s past time for cowardly Republicans to stand up for the American people and invoke the 25th amendment, removing Trump from office.

In a single week Trump has threatened North Korea with a nuclear attack, blamed Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, for his own failures to lead our nation, and ignored the pleas of the American people. This is not ‘unusual,’ ‘different,’ or ‘historical,’ it is a great danger to the world.

Although I have no respect for Mitch McConnell and believe that his career has proven that he is a white supremacist and a traitor to the American people, Trump’s lack of recognition that he is the only man in Washington who can secure his un-American agenda proves that he lacks average intellect. Trump continues to prove that he has no understanding about America’s government, he proves that he lacks average intelligence.

Virtually any substantial goals that the president intends to achieve, whether it’s tax reform or more infrastructure, requires the active assistance of the Senate majority leader,” said Michael Steel, spokesman for John Boehner when the Ohio Republican was House speaker.

Trump simply refuses to learn how to govern the United States of America.

Trump’s words and actions have proven that he is senile, schizophrenic, or both. He is unfit to perform the duties for which he was elected. Unfortunately the Republican Party’s need for power will prevent the removal of Trump from the White House. If that fails, the world will suffer.

Sadly the American people have no power in a non-election year. We depend upon those we elect to serve us. When an entire party is more concerned with their own futures than the future of their country, a great danger to America’s very existence is imminent. Trump will not only destroy my America, he could end life on this planet. Who will have the courage to tell the truth? It won’t be Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell; they do not care about the American people.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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