If He Attempts to Remove Bannon, John Kelly Will be the next Man Fired


The attached article claims that White House chief of staff John Kelly may be focusing his attention on firing Steve Bannon. I sincerely doubt that this is factual, but if it is, General Kelly is the one who should be concerned about keeping his job.

The content of the article notes Bannon’s intent upon his own agenda, and claims that it opposes many of Trump’s own ambitions. This is far from the truth. Trump’s first choice for a senior adviser and strategist after his election was Steve Bannon. They share the same beliefs; the same goals. They are both focused on extreme nationalism, and white supremacy. They are kindred spirits linked by hatred and a belief in superiority. Most importantly both are dependent upon Robert Mercer for their positions of power. Mercer is the ‘man behind the man.’ He prefers to remain outside of the ‘limelight,’ but never discount the fact that he is making policy decisions for the Trump administration.

If Kelly believes that he can remove Bannon, he may be in for an unwanted surprise. If the decision to ‘clean house’ came, only four individuals would be guaranteed their right to remain in the White House; Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon.

Trump refuses to be loyal to those who support him, although he demands unbridled loyalty from them. Trump will always keep his family close; they owe him. Conway and Bannon joined his campaign in August of 2016, and have been credited for rescuing his failing effort to become the president; along with the infusion of Mercer’s billions. Kelly is expendable.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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