Trump Int Hotel Wash DC

After his election by the Electoral College, Trump chose to spend his weekends away from the White House. He did not return to his gaudy golden tower in New York, he chose to spend taxpayer money traveling to his millionaires only resort; Mar-a-Lago. Other than one day trip last May to the city, when he did not stay overnight, this weekend will be his first return to Trump Tower. The New York Police Department has prepared for his return, not to accept cheering crowds, but to protect your illegitimate president from protesters. The least popular president in history will face thousands of men and women who disapprove of his actions and words.

This is how Trump describes his 17 day vacation, first at his resort in New Jersey, and now in New York City.

Working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long planned renovation. Going to New York next week for more meetings.”

Let’s take a look at Trump’s idea about what ‘work’ means.

Trump is complaining about congress’ inability to pass his mean-spirited proposals. A working president is involved in legislation important to him; not Trump. He expects all of his wishes to be acted upon and quickly become law. This is ignorance and proof that millions of Americans elected the wrong person last November.

Trump believes that ‘working’ in the White House means watching FOX Noise; reading Breitbart; or listening to Alex Jones’ ‘InfoWars.’ When he’s not ‘working’ in the White House, he’s at one of his resorts ‘working’ on his golf game.

White House sources claim that when he is forced to read documents related to his job, he has a ‘two-minute’ attention span. This means that he does not read the President’s Daily Briefing,’ composed by the CIA. This means that he has never read any of the executive orders he has signed. So what does Trump do? How is he ‘governing’ our nation? He tweets. And those tweets often leak secret or at least confidential information not only to the American people but also to our allies and our adversaries.

Therefore, when Trump arrives in New York tomorrow he will be greeted with jeers not cheers. Trump is using his position to advance his personal wealth; this is his only goal.

Trump leased the old post office building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington; it is now a Trump hotel. Its rooms cost more than $650 per night. The hotel is never filled, but Trump is making millions of dollars in profit every month. It has become a Republican center where the elite meet to eat and drink. Much of Republican strategy and policy are established in Trump’s expensive playground.

This is not the first time Trump has used a landmark to increase his fortune.

Cornelius Vanderbilt built the ‘Commodore Hotel’ in New York in 1919. During the 1970’s the hotel felt the same financial failure as did the city itself. In 1980 Trump bought the hotel, which is adjacent to Grand Central Station, and renovated it inside and outside. The purchase was negotiated with the city and Trump was given $45 million in tax credits, with the stipulation that he paid the city a determined amount each month for its gift. It wasn’t long until Trump ceased his required payments and the city of New York filed a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump. This fact was not included in Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” but this is how Trump ‘deals.’ He is dishonest and unscrupulous.

New York has more reasons than most to protest the return of Trump to his golden and gaudy tower.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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