Scott Pruitt’s List of Enemies is apparently Growing: He now has Armed Protection 24 Hours a Day


It is an undeniable fact that Trump chose Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency with a single purpose in mind; either destroy the EPA or remove it as an effective environmental watchdog. Pruitt gained recognition in Oklahoma for lining his pockets with money from the big oil companies. He also filed numerous lawsuits against the EPA to protect his policy of unlimited drilling. Pruitt’s plans for weakening or destroying the EPA have not gone unnoticed. At every planned venue he is greeted by angry protesters. Apparently Pruitt is concerned about his safety; he has armed bodyguards with him 24 hours a day.

He has created an atmosphere of paranoia in the agency. Staff members say that “floors at EPA HQ are frequently locked, and if they wish to see Pruitt they must have an escort. They are often told to leave their cellphones behind and not to take notes in meetings with him.” They also claim that Pruitt frequently makes phone calls outside of his office; fearing that his phone is compromised.

Pruitt’s Linkedin profile continues to claim that he is “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” Mr. Pruitt has made it clear that he sees his mission to be dismantling the agency’s policies; and even portions of the institution itself.

As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt allowed unlimited drilling in the state. Fracking wells now fill the horizon. Not only is fracking the most destructive drilling process in history, using 600 chemicals in the process; many of which are carcinogenic; Oklahoma is now plagued with seismic activity on a daily basis. In a state where earthquakes were rare, they now have thousands each year; some of them reaching a magnitude of five on the Richter scale.

So, how does Pruitt justify his actions which obviously intend to make the agency dysfunctional? Stephen J. Malloy was a member of Trump’s transition team and has written a book which is critical of the EPA. In it, he claims that dismantling the agency is justified because it “is legendary for being stocked with leftists.”

I am a liberal, and proud to be. I believe that mankind has a responsibility to care for the earth, water, and air. Only greedy corporations and individuals seek the destruction of our planet for their own gain. I care about my fellow Americans; all of them, not just the one-percent. Unlike Trump and his circle of sinners, I reject the very idea of white nationalism. All Americans are equal and their rights must be protected by the Constitution. I believe that the people have a right to know what our government is doing, and that our voices must be heard and obeyed by all elected officials, including your illegitimate president. I believe that healthcare is a human right. In a nation which has 585 billionaires, including the man defiling the White House, and 13.8 million millionaires, not one man, woman, or child should be living in poverty; nearly 45 million Americans struggle to exist every day in America.

So to all liberals, rejoice that you care about humanity and not building a larger military arsenal. Let those in Washington who refuse to care for your needs and wishes know that they will never have your vote.

Finally, let’s get rid of the label ‘progressive.’ Show your pride, and demand that your government supports liberal ideas; ideas which will benefit the majority.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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