Trump threatened Kim Jong-un, but he’s not alone. He has threatened special investigator, Robert Mueller, if he investigates his personal finances. Now he’s threatening members of his own party, including the man he needs most if he is serious about passing his harmful legislation, Mitch McConnell.

Trump has threatened all Republicans indicating that he will not offer his support when they face reelection. His poll numbers are the lowest in history, and will have little effect on voters. Voters will elect men and women who will serve them, not rule over them; hopefully.

Now Mitch McConnell does not deserve the support or respect of the voting public. It is his lack of leadership which resulted in Republican’s failure to pass a single important piece of legislation for all eight years of President Obama’s administration. It is his fault that our government is dysfunctional. It is McConnell who refused to hold hearings for the most qualified candidate for the Supreme Court in modern times; Merrick Garland. It is McConnell who attempted to write a healthcare bill behind closed doors without any involvement by Democrats or Republican women. It is McConnell who promised to do nothing until ‘that black man’ was out of office; he kept that promise.

Now, with all of that said, Trump is a fool. He knows nothing about government, and attacking the Senate Majority Leader is another sign that he has chosen to remain ignorant. President Obama had a better relationship with a Republican controlled congress than the man defiling the White House who calls himself a Republican.

Trump does not make “deals.” He is not a diplomat, and has no desire to perform any of the hard work it requires from the executive branch to pass a law. He seeks the passage of his agenda with partisan efforts only. He has not spoken to a leader of the Democratic Party in six months and 22 days.

Trump’s proposals can only be described as draconian. The majority of the American people will be harmed by his plans, and only he and 584 other billionaires and 13.5 million millionaires will benefit. That is less than five percent of all Americans.

Republicans must stand up to their ‘bully president.’ If they choose not to, it may not matter. The three separate factions in the party will disallow the passage of most of Trump’s proposals. There are far too many extremists in the GOP who will reject many of Trump’s demands.

Trump will eventually learn about government, but it will take him until the last day he is in office. I suggested long ago that he purchase a copy of “Governing for Dummies,” but he continues to reject my idea.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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