If America had three major parties, I would be pleased and our current partisan political crisis would not exist. It would only function if all three parties worked with each other to create legislation which would benefit all Americans. We have a two party system which is dysfunctional. The GOP is so divided that it cannot govern. Extremists including Ted Cruz, Steve King, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell and many others who refuse to deliberate and compromise. America’s government can only work when it is bipartisan.

Trump has been in office for six months and 21 days. He has failed miserably, mostly because he has excluded Democrats from the process. He has not met with a single leader of the opposition party since he was sworn in on January 20.

A large part of the blame in this situation must be given to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. They have proven many times since Trump took office that they are unable to lead their party; unable to govern. McConnell is too old and too bigoted; Ryan is less intelligent than we once believed and the world’s biggest hypocrite.

One of the candidates who is hoping to replace Jason Chaffetz in Utah is an outsider by the name of Tanner Ainge. He is being denounced by other Republicans in this very red state because he dared to use the word “bipartisan.”

Democrats and Republicans share a desire to see more families have affordable access to healthcare—yet even on this metric, Obamacare has failed. We need a bipartisan long-term fix for healthcare that follows free-market principles and revives competition in the healthcare marketplace, which will lead to both better quality and lower cost.”

Although he used the word ‘bipartisan’ just once, he enraged extremists on the right. How dare any Republican consider talking to those liberal commies? The GOP has changed America from a democracy into an oligarchy, and fascist rule may become a reality. The dream is at hand. America is theirs as long as Trump continues to defile the White House. They don’t care that he is immoral, seeks the destruction of the Constitution, and will eliminate freedom and equality in America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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