Kim Jong-un

North Korea has nothing to lose, and Trump lacks the intelligence to understand this fact. He is threatening a country which has nuclear capability and refuses to offer alternatives to nuclear war. Trump is the greatest danger to the world in history, only equaled by Adolf Hitler.

Yesterday Trump made a statement about North Korea. This vile piece of rhetoric has never been heard from a sitting president in America’s history. Trump’s weak temperament was once again on display and proves that he lacks all ability to be diplomatic. Trump is provoking another inferior leader, and this is moronic.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen… he has been very threatening beyond a normal state. They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before,” he said.

Once again, I must blame those men and women who chose ignorance and emotion over reality and elected the worst president in history. They gave the majority of Americans a man in the White House who is mentally unstable, and unqualified to lead our nation. This unfit and illegitimate president has placed our nation on the precipice of a nuclear war; a war to end all wars by ending the the very existence of the planet.

At the core of the problem are two immature and experienced leaders. Kim Jong-un is a man-child who is playing games with his nation’s people and all of the people in his area of the world. Trump is rejecting American policies of diplomacy and fails to listen to his national security advisers.

America will not survive four years of a Trump rule. He must be removed by the use of the 25th amendment and save not only our nation, but the entire world.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of driver Photographer

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