Trump Rally (2)

It’s called ‘buyer’s remorse.’ This is what some Trump supporters in Arizona are feeling today. They realize that they made a mistake, but from their comments they remain unaware of how large that mistake was.

“I loved him because he was different, and I thought that he really was going to do a lot of change — good changes,” one Republican woman said. “I hated Obama, so I was ready for a change.”

As it is with most Trump supporters, she didn’t have a reason why she supported Trump or a reason why she ‘hated’ President Obama, other than the color of his skin.

“Whether it’s the tweets or just some of the things — like the thing he just said about the cops,” she said, in a reference to Trump urging police officers not to be “too nice” when putting suspected criminals into the back of a paddy wagon, said during a recent speech.

“Somebody needs to just rein him in,” she said. “Before I felt like he could do it all, and now — if somebody could just control him a little bit.”

This poor woman obviously failed to look into Trump’s background and discover his criminal actions, and his business failures before he failed as a president.

These comments were taken at a focus group. Most said they would give him six months to a year to prove himself, while others have already stated that they would not vote for him again.

Republicans in Arizona said that their discontent was based on his inability to keep his campaign promises; primarily healthcare. Nine out of ten are upset that he is failing to represent the middle class; his focus appears to be on the super wealthy.

It’s sad that the Trump supporters who no longer trust and believe in him did not vote wisely. Our country is a mess and it happened in a very short period of time. The American people cannot let him stay in office for four years; there could be nothing left of my America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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