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It is clear that Trump hates being the president. He doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to learn how to do his job. The only things he likes about it are the freedom to golf whenever he wants to, the ability to watch cable news incessantly, and spending taxpayer dollars to hold rallies in the states he won. He hates living in a ‘dump,’ which is how he refers to the White House. Fortunately, for him and for the American people, Trump can see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’

Whether it is impeachment or the invocation of article 25, he won’t be defiling the White House sheets much longer.

Now that special investigator Robert Mueller is ‘following the money,’ Trump’s many crimes, including laundering money for Russian oligarchs, will be exposed. His Russian connections are much deeper than simply colluding to win an election.

If that fails, Trump has proven that he is delusional and unfit to perform the duties of the President of the United States. The 25th amendment to the Constitution allows for his removal if he is unable to act in accordance with the demands of his office; and he has not been presidential once.

This is good news for Trump; he learned very quickly that it’s too hard to be the president. He’s not a king, and therefore is required to actually work. Work is not something with which he is familiar; he’s never worked a day in his immoral life.

Trump supporter and fellow criminal, Newt Gingrich, is attempting to discredit the very popular Robert Mueller. He is complaining that the grand jury recently impaneled by Mueller will be in Washington, D.C., not in a red state.

President Trump got 68.63% in West Virginia, 4.8% in Washington DC. Guess where Mueller has a grand jury? Guess how biased it will be?”

Like his idol, Gingrich sent this message in a tweet. Gingrich and Trump are “soulmates;” both were married three times, both committed ethics violations, and both committed crimes which made them wealthy. Gingrich remains hopeful that Trump will give him a job in his administration and offer him relevance once again. There are plenty of openings, but I doubt that Gingrich’s ego would allow him to take orders from chief of staff John Kelly.

Although I would love to see the end of Trump’s tyranny, I would not be able to call America’s leading homophobe “Mr. President” either. The American people deserve an American as our leader, and Mike Pence is not that man.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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