Republican Senators Teaching Trump About Government


Paul Ryan and his cowardly constituents in the House remain subservient to Donald Trump. In the Senate some Republicans are facing reality; they must include Democrats if effective healthcare is to be passed, and they are choosing to ignore Trump’s rash demands. They are also forcing traitor Mitch McConnell to end his ‘party first’ efforts.

McConnell made a foolhardy effort to write Trumpcare in just a couple of weeks, behind closed doors, without any Democratic involvement, and rejecting any input by Republican women. When it failed to pass, Trump and McConnell stated that they should simply “let Obamacare implode.” This is not acceptable and at least one Republican Senator has voiced support for millions of American men, women and children.

Americans will be hurt” without the payments, which help patients defray costs from rising premiums as well as deductibles,” Lamar Alexander said. “As the president said, nobody knew how complicated this was,” he told a New York Times podcast. “Well, he may have been the only person who didn’t know that. It’s very complicated. It involves nearly 300 million Americans, many different points of view.”

The most important fact stated here by the Senator is that Trump doesn’t know anything; he is unfit and unwilling to govern our nation and serve all 320 million Americans. He is the “president of the one-percent.”

From its beginnings in 2010 Obamacare was flawed. It was obvious that without a ‘single payer’ system, it was too complicated, and the insurance companies were unwilling to fully participate in its repair. But the truth is that if Republicans had deliberated with Democrats about ways to fix the problems, America would have an effective and affordable healthcare plan for everyone today. This is the only way our government functions efficiently. One party cannot govern our nation, and Republicans have proven that I am 100 percent correct. Ideas from both sides of the aisle have resulted in compromise which results in good legislation for 220 years. Only in the last 20+ years has our nation’s government become entirely partisan. This began with an influx of extremists into the Republican Party. They refuse to negotiate or communicate with anyone on the left side of the aisle. As long as the TEA Party and Freedom Caucus control the GOP, our government will remain dysfunctional.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of AMSF2011

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