When FOX Noise first began broadcasting in 1997, I tried watching this new “news network.” It immediately proved itself to be a right wing propaganda machine. It’s fake-journalists talked over their guests, and disallowed opinions which supported liberals. It both bored me and upset me, and I never watched a single broadcast in the next 20 years.

It is far worse today. It’s last celebrity with name recognition is Sean Hannity who is nothing but a small man with a small mind who kisses Trump’s derriere continuously.

The big question is; is it fading away? The answer is a definite ‘yes.’ From day one it depended on the party’s base; older white Americans; to become regular viewers. Today they are encountering the same problem facing every member of right wing politics. The largest voting bloc is no longer baby boomers; it is millennials, and if they ever decide to show up at the polls in large numbers, they and women voters; (not those who have female sexual genitalia but are traitors to their gender and support Trump); will control the outcome of every election.

The good news for our nation is that when millennials are in control of Washington, our nation will be less racist, less bigoted, less misogynistic, and will not be dominated by fake-Christians. Millennials demand answers; they reject fairy tales; and they don’t see color, sexual orientation, or gender as differences between them. Their goals are less capitalistic and oriented towards self achievement and self fulfillment.

Millennials do not watch FOX Noise; they watch very little broadcast or cable television. If they want to read about world events they go to the internet. If they want to read about their favorite celebrities, the go to the internet. If they want to know about breaking news, they go to the internet.

They engage in on-line chats with other millennials and ignore overpaid personalities who tell us what is going on in the world and our nation.

FOX has proven itself to be a ‘den of iniquity.’ Only a few weeks go by between accusations of sexual harassment arising from the network. Its destiny was secured long ago when it decided that ‘journalism’ was passe. They hired pretty young blondes, and arrogant men to offer their alternative facts to the American people. Old, white men, and pretty young women were a blueprint for sexual predators.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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