Call it “White Nationalism,” “White Supremacy,” or Simply Trump Being Trump: It’s all the Same


This was Trump’s week to reveal himself and offer proof about his supporters. Every action; every word from your illegitimate president screamed of racism and bigotry. His “rally” in West Virginia once again offered proof that his diminishing base supports his beliefS in white supremacy and prejudice.

Trump began his week by telling transgender Americans that they were no longer welcome in his military. Thousands of men and women who have become who they really are, are now confused and frightened. The “Trump Effect” was in full bloom.

But Trump didn’t stop there.

Trump and Sessions combined in an attempt to eliminate affirmative action in our universities. Whether you personally favor this policy or not, the fact is that it has benefited not only minorities seeking higher education, it has made our work force more diverse; creating new ideas and representing all of America.

Next came immigration. Trump not only wants to cut our legal immigration numbers in half, he proposed that only ‘English speaking candidates who are self-supporting, and have vocations which would add to the nation’s economy’ would be allowed. In other words, white Europeans.

Believe it or not, there was one more dark example of Trump’s beliefs and his goals. He told law enforcement on Long Island that they should continue and expand actions of ‘police brutality’ against suspected criminals.

For Trump, this was a very good week. For the American people, our nightmare became a little more frightening.

After six months and 17 days it has become evident that Trump and Steve Bannon share the same dream; to make America white again. Bannon is the one person whose plans to rebuild America closely coincide with Trump’s own.

Please don’t ignore the truth; Trump is destroying everything which offered the United States an opportunity to join other great nations in the world. Instead he is intentionally creating a huge cesspool which is poisoning everything which made our country a respected and revered nation around the world. Trump is moving America backwards into our darkest days. He isn’t learning from the mistakes of the past; he’s taking us back to that dangerous and destructive time on a dark and ever-widening path.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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