For two centuries America was the world’s leader in industry, and in the support of human rights. Under Trump’s regressive leadership, we have lost the respect and trust of our closest allies. Trump loves Russia and despises China, but it is China who has now become the world’s leader in the most important industry in the 21st century.

Seemingly overnight China has become the world’s leader in the planning and use of green energy. “China is now the world’s largest backer of green energy, accounting for 17% of global investmentin the sector.” According to Greenpeace, “it installed an average of more than one wind turbine every hour of every day in 2015.”

China was formerly dependent on coal for its energy. It has now begun a long term plan to eliminate its dependence on the highly dangerous use of this substance. China is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on solar, wind, and nuclear energy.

What is America doing? With Trump as our illegitimate president, climate change has been ignored and even denied. During the G7 Summit, Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord; a non-binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions. Our nation became only one of three countries to refuse to join in a promise which would improve the environment.

Trump is the antithesis of the leaders of China. He has promised to increase coal mining jobs. Fortunately for our nation’s future, his promise to create 45,000 new jobs in the industry has only resulted in a few hundred.

Under President Obama’s wise leadership, solar and wind power grew at a rapid pace. The equipment became less expensive, and thousands of new high paying jobs were created. Under Trump’s chosen ignorance, these industries will no longer receive federal subsidies intended to help them grow and help slow or even end climate change.

I am 71 years old, and until now I always knew that America would lead the world in every important area which would advance the future of mankind. Under this regressive, greedy, and immoral man, I have lost all faith in my government; it has failed me and every other true American in our country.

All too soon China and the United States will reverse their positions. The people of China will have clean air to breathe, and thousands of new jobs will improve the quality of life for its people. America will become Trump’s cesspool, where the air is unhealthy, and unemployment rates will see an all-time high.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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