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Prior to Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, Andrew Jackson was known as the ‘whitest president in American history.’ Trump has surpassed his hero by being the first president to support the white supremacy movement in America. The most notable shared situation between Trump and Jackson is the fact that their supporters and top advisers were and are all very white.

Trump’s supporters, his cabinet, and chief advisers are 99 percent white and angry. During Trump’s rallies, the latest in West Virginia Thursday night, his fans thrived on hate speech and lies which fueled their emotions. Trump’s circle of sinners is primarily composed of old, white men who are millionaires and billionaires. Let’s focus on the four men who were closest to Trump during his campaign. All but one remain his closest friends and confidants. These men are Robert Mercer, Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Vladimir Putin; all four are supporters of white nationalism.

Robert Mercer is a billionaire. He is reclusive; preferring to remain behind the scenes. He is powerful, and has an agenda which is to defeat the America of our founding fathers. Mercer has been Breitbart’s chief supporter. If you are unaware of Breitbart, it is a publication which supports every form of bigotry possible. He is also the man who moved into Trump’s camp one year ago. He became his chief financial supporter, and brought with him Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon. In addition to his support of white nationalism, Mercer has close ties to Russian oligarchs.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, loves his job. After a lifetime of racist rants and actions, he is now in a position which offers him great power to harm African Americans. He began by ordering lengthier periods of incarceration for drug offenses. Sessions has waged a war on marijuana, even its use for medical purposes. There is no doubt in my mind that this evil little man has a hooded white robe in his closet. He has lost Trump’s favor, not because he has changed his bigoted views, but because Trump doubts his loyalty.

Steve Bannon is a proud member of Alt-Right. Before he joined Trump’s inner circle, he was the chief executive at Mercer’s Breitbart. He is an avowed white nationalist, who has approved and written numerous articles which are not only racist, they have also expressed his prejudice against the LGBTQ community, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and women. He is Trump’s chief strategist and is bulletproof in the White House.

Russia has a virtual dictator as its current president. Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world with a wealth estimated at over 100 billion dollars. He has cultivated close relationships with American men with great wealth and power who can aid him in his ultimate goal; to make Russia the world’s greatest power and establish a new world order. To state the fact that Putin is a white nationalist, a misogynist, and a homophobe is redundant. The important thing to know is that he has had a long personal relationship for at least 12 years with your illegitimate president. Trump has become a ‘Russian asset’ and an important cog in the machine Putin has created.

Their relationship began in 2005, when Trump brought the Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow. As president, there is no doubt that Putin and Trump met during an event which drew worldwide attention. They met once again in 2013 when the pageant was once again brought to Moscow. During this time is when the Christopher Steele dossier was created; the 26 page report I have labeled the “Golden Showers Dossier.”

The two men have shared multiple phone calls since the election. Recently at the G20 Summit, they met publicly for over two hours and once privately for about an hour. They share the same beliefs; that democracy is a failure, and that only rich, white men should have the power to control a nation’s policy and its future.

Now that Trump is defiling our nation’s most revered residence, the White House has never been whiter. The reason Trump calls it a “dump” is because a black family lived there for eight years; that is unforgivable.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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