More of the “Trump Effect:” How Employers Are Bullying Their Employees

Trump (7)

Not a single proposal, executive action, or piece of legislation offered by Trump and his circle of sinners can be called “American.” They are all opposed the the very principles which once made America a respected nation. He has replaced tolerance and compassion with judgment and hatred. Hate crimes have risen by 800 percent.

Possibly Trump’s most reprehensible action has been the deportation of Hispanics who have not committed a crime; have lived in the United States for many years; and the only reason they are being sent back to Mexico is because they cannot become legal residents under our antiquated immigration system. Families are being separated. Men and women who have been integral and beloved members of their communities have been herded like cattle and shoved into places reserved for criminals. Trump is doing all of this to keep a campaign promise to his ‘basket of deplorables.’ It will have no effect on unemployment, and no effect on crime; it is nothing less than an act of inhumanity.

In many states employment of undocumented workers is common; some businesses could not operate with out them.

In California two court cases have added a new wrinkle to the inhumane actions of former Homeland Security Director John Kelly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Trump in their efforts to destroy the lives of men, women, and children across the nation.

In Van Nuys and Santa Ana California, ICE agents showed up at labor dispute hearings. They took at least two undocumented men into custody. According to the Los Angeles Times, “generally the worker and employer are the only ones who know the [hearing schedule] information outside of the agency,” which most likely means that it’s the disgruntled employers who are illegally siccing ICE on workers who are reporting labor violations. Now “isn’t that special.” This is the “Trump Effect” in full force. His love of evicting innocent men, women, and children from our nation is resulting in many unscrupulous actions across the nation. This places more shame on America and its authorities.

Our nation is a mess, and after we rid ourselves of Donald Trump, it will take many years to normalize our country. Sadly, as long as the Republican hypocrites in congress bow to their fuhrer it will only get worse.

Become an activist; call your representatives in Washington and let them know how you feel. Promise them that they will lose your vote if he or she fails to support the people.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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