To the Women of America: It’s Your Country Too: Demand Your Rights

hate crime

The 2010 Decennial Census revealed that there were 151.8 men in the United States, and 157 million women. So why are men dominating rules, wages, and our government? The results of the 2016 election offered one reason; many women are traitors to their own gender. Not a single real woman could have voted for a sexual predator; a man who believes that women have a single purpose; to serve men.

With a Trump illegitimate presidency came the “Trump Effect.” Hate crimes rose 800 percent; blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and women became objects of increased physical and mental abuse. Mosques, Synagogues, and black churches have been vandalized and even destroyed.

For women, this means that they are once again subjugated by men more frequently at home and in the work place.

Brienne Splittgerber is suing the Nebraska State Patrol, the State of Nebraska, and present and former leaders of the department for covering up the sexual assault of female patrol candidates.

During her pre-employment physical in September of 2014, she was required to remove her pants, lay on her back on the examination table, bend her knees to put her feet flat on the table and open her knees exposing her genitalia.”

Ms. Splittgerber claims that some women were required to undergo vaginal and rectal exams for years. There were no similar requirements for male applicants.

Subjecting the plaintiff and other female trooper candidates to a medically unnecessary and sexually invasive procedure is outrageous conduct which goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” the lawsuit reads, according to AP. I’m certain that Donald Trump would approve of the doctor’s actions.

It’s difficult to remember that as recently as 2016 our nation was beginning to mature. Racism and bigotry were on the decline, and women were working hard for equality in the home and at the workplace. Now thanks to the “Trump Effect,” our nation is moving backwards. We have an immoral man in the White House whose only interest is himself and 584 other billionaires. We have a vice-president who has led the way with his homophobic actions. Our Attorney General is obsessed with marijuana, and wants to remove cannabis from patients who have benefited from its use.

Leaders lead their nations forwards; Trump is a regressive and he and his circle of sinners are taking our nation back to dark times in our nation’s history.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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