A Godless and Immoral White House


Until I watched ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Tuesday evening, I had never heard of Paula White. According to Mr. Meyers, she is allegedly Trump’s ‘spiritual adviser.’ I thought Trump’s church had eighteen holes and a par of 72; that’s where he spends his Sundays.

As the story developed I learned that White is a ‘prosperity evangelist’ who believes god loves rich people more than the poor. She also tells her followers that women must serve their men. White is an honest Ivanka Trump.

“I have been called a heretic, an apostate, an adulterer, a charlatan, and an addict. It has been falsely reported that I once filed for bankruptcy and — my personal favorite — that I deny the Trinity!” This was a reaction from White when she was questioned by CNN prior to her appearance at Trump’s inauguration on January 20. Few spiritual leaders offer their respect or their support for White’s ‘ministry.’

Like Trump, White has been divorced twice and married three times. Like Trump she has a mansion, expensive cars, a yacht, and a private jet. I can only imagine that when they are together the subject is ‘who can we screw next to make a few more million dollars?’

White was one of six televangelists who were under investigation by congress between 2007 and 2011.

White is a perfect example of why all religions should be taxed. It is wrong for them to con low-income Americans resulting in lives of extreme luxury and privilege. Most religions and religions leaders are frauds. This is where White and Trump share their greatest commonality. They use emotions to make fools of their followers, and have no interest in those they claim to serve.

White also preaches Donald Trump’s philosophy that women are intended to serve and obey men. She uses the example of a businessman whose secretary brings him his lunch and waits on him hand and foot. When he returns home, his wife’s hair is in curlers; she’s wearing her bath robe, and on her feet are ‘bunny slippers.’ Really? She is obviously encouraging infidelity.

My wife and daughter are likely the only two people I know who understand why I reject all religions. White is a perfect example of the primary reason I consider all religions as cults. She plays a game of mind control, but does not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and lacks morals and any form of spirituality. I refuse to let any individual such as White offer instructions about how to live my life. Money is not my god; I don’t have one.

By the way; I’m not alone. More than 65 million Americans deny the need for religion, and either doubt that there is a god, or reject the idea completely.

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Op-ed By James Turnage



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