Trump’s Presidency a “Mad Magazine Parody”


mad magazineMad Magazine” began as a comic book in 1952. It evolved into a magazine and hit its peak in 1974 with more than two million subscribers, and millions of others purchasing the publication at newsstands across America. Its contents were a parody of the events occurring in our nation, and a subtle criticism of our government. I loved it, and waited with anticipation for each edition to arrive.

It exists today, but if it was in the height of its popularity, it would be a perfect depiction of Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency. The magazine was filled with satire which used humor to define the failure of our government, and the repugnant actions by governors and their states legislatures to deny human rights and their support racism and bigotry.

Its issues in 2017 are accusatory of the Trump administration’s denial of basic human rights and its proposals which would greatly harm the majority of the American people. For 65 years it has been at the forefront of a satirical effort to undermine the criminal activities of our government. Nothing defines our government’s failures better than a laughable exposure of its sins committed against its own people.

For Mad Magazine, it once experienced similar success to the late night talk show hosts since Trump’s illegitimate election on November 8, 2016. Although for most of us Trump’s anti-American actions have created great harm and fear for our nation’s future, “Mad” and the comedians whose material has been a revelation of Trump’s presidency in the last ten months have received a gift which keeps on giving.

Trump’s presidency is so outrageous that it requires the American people to view it as a farce or else slip into despair and fear for our nation’s future. The America of our founding fathers cannot survive if Trump is allowed to complete his first term in office.

Only patriotic Americans should be allowed to be our nation’s president, and that does not define Donald Trump. He rejects the first, fourth, and fourteenth amendments to our Constitution. His America is for whites only, and rejects equality for all of our citizens.

Mad Magazine uses comedy to attract its subscribers and viewers. Trump is not humorous. He is the worst thing to happen to America in my lifetime.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Cory Doctorow

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