Senator Jeff Flake Takes on the President and his own Party


One member of the Republican Party who has remained critical of his own party and his illegitimate president is Jeff Flake from Arizona. The senator has a new book on the shelves, titled “The Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a return to Principle.” Senator Flake makes the claim; the same claim I have been making for years; that many in his party are Republicans in name only. They have lost their way.

CNN wrote about 11 specific complaints from the senator as revealed by Politco on Monday. I will attach the link, but here are a few of the most devastating observations included in the senator’s book.

First is something we all know to be true. The first Trump supporters were expressing their anger with a failed congress. When Mitch McConnell promised to do nothing; and make Barrack Obama a one-term president, he failed Republican voters by refusing to fight for their needs and desires. He not only kept his promise through the President’s first term, he continued through the second. Not a single piece of positive legislation was passed by Republicans in eight years. After six months and 12 days, they have proven that under the failed leadership of McConnell and Ryan, they are unable to govern.

Senator Flake wrote about his frustration with his party during the last six months. How they are bowing to Trump’s demands and failing to be honest and represent the American people. They are in what he claims to be ‘denial,’ and have rejected all principles and morality.

The senator also wrote that his party is fully aware of Trump’s inability to lead our nation, but have chosen not to do anything about it. Republicans control both houses and it is they who must lead the way to the removal of an unfit president.

Senator Flake wrote of one of the most important differences in our government today and 20 years ago. Leaders from both parties once worked together for the people. When the president would attack congress, they formed a united front against that man. Sadly, under failures McConnell and Ryan, the GOP has capitulated to an authoritarian man who is defiling the White House. They have received to work with Democrats about any and all matters important to America’s future.

Senator Flake also discussed Trump’s propensity to admire dictatorial leaders from other nations, and his constant appeal to his base only. In both instances he is preventing the Republican Party from expanding their audience.

Finally, Senator Flake criticized Trump’s respect for the ‘institutions of government,’ which have effectively moved our nation forward. All of the work of 44 presidents and 113 congresses in the past have been ignored and disrespected by one man who is unfit to be called the president. (I didn’t include the 114th congress, or today’s 115th; they have failed miserably.)

Senator Flake is not wrong. As an Independent, I want to see the return of the Republican Party. When both parties argued their own positions on issues important to all Americans, and eventually discovered a way to compromise, America worked.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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