It’s not Ebola: It’s much more Deadly than a Disease


142 is a big number. Don’t think so? What if I tell you that this is the number of Americans who die each day from a drug overdose. Every three weeks our nation experiences a disaster equal to 9/11. Now, does that seem like a big number?

The greatest abuse is the use of opioids, which has morphed into heroin addiction. These drugs were prescribed by your personal doctor who suggested them to relieve pain. When the pharmaceutical companies raised prices, and refused to increase production, millions of Americans sought heroin as an alternative; it was less costly and readily available.

During his campaign, and after his election, Trump promised to address the severity of this situation. He has failed to meet two deadlines, and follow the recommendations of a commission.

“The opioid crisis is a tragedy that has been harming America’s communities for far too long,” the White House said in a statement. “We appreciate the Commission’s hard work on this important interim report. We will immediately begin reviewing its recommendations, and eagerly await its final report.”

More false promises by Trump and his circle of sinners.

Between 2000 and 2015, deaths from a drug overdose totaled more than 500,000, and most of them were due to opioid addiction.

“The average American would likely be shocked to know that drug overdoses now kill more people than gun homicides and car crashes combined,” the commission said.

Trump appears to enjoy the deaths of average Americans. His horrific healthcare proposal is proof of this fact. His focus has been on tax cuts for himself and 584 other billionaires in America. He has yet to propose one idea which would positively affect the lives of 320 million American people. Trump continues to act in the same manner in which he conducted his business ventures. He hasn’t learned that he must represent all of the American people, and not only the top 10 percent.

A final word about opioids. The truth is that doctors over-prescribe medication. Even a more important fact is that they either do not know, or fail to offer, information about the side effects of the drugs they prescribe. This is an extremely dangerous situation. All too often many of the drugs your doctor suggests that you take end up in class action lawsuits. After the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars in profit, they settle lawsuits for a few hundred million after lives are lost or ruined.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Chris Yarzab

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