Why Republicans Desperately Need Democrats


When our founding fathers designed our system of government, they decided that a ‘true’ democracy would be too difficult. They created a ‘democratic republic.’ The people would elect representatives who would take their needs and wishes to the Capitol. However, the president would be elected by all of the people. Neither of these is true today.

Our legislature has become an oligarchy. 535 men and women, most of whom support special interests, control the future of our nation. Once elected they ignore the majority and pass legislation which benefits their own ambitions. Trump was not the ‘people’s choice. Thanks to the institution of the Electoral College, 538 men and women gifted Trump with the White House.

In just six months and 11 days Republicans have proven that they are unable to govern. After eight years of accomplishing nothing during President Obama’s Administration, they are unable to reverse what Mitch McConnell taught them in President Obama’s two terms.

It was nearly laughable when McConnell and his hypocrites in the senate attempted to rush through a very harmful healthcare bill in complete secrecy. Not a single piece of effective legislation has ever been passed by Congress without deliberation and compromise. The bottom line is that Republicans need Democrats.

The only thing preventing the return of a functioning government are the extremists in the Republican Party. The TEA Party and the Freedom Caucus are ordered to say ‘no’ before any piece of legislation offered by Democrats is presented to the full congress.

Extremism always fails; and it has failed 320 million people.

Our government will never return to an intelligent, deliberative body until both parties move back to the left. Progress cannot come to America if ‘doing nothing’ is the norm.

For those of you too young to remember, there was a time when many Democrats and Republicans not only worked together, they were close friends. Not all of them felt this way, but some of the most respected and powerful were close to their brothers and sisters across the aisle.

Unless mutual respect for the person and for their ideas returns, our government will remain broken.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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