Why I Don’t Read Comments About my Articles

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I promise to write the truth, and that will never change. What I don’t do is read ‘comments,’ whether they are good or bad. They wouldn’t change my mind if they are negative, and, unlike Donald Trump, I don’t need my ego stroked if they are positive. I feel an obligation to do what the media will not; give you the facts; all of the facts; and keep you informed about what is happening in your government and in our nation.

If you read me regularly, you know that I am an Independent. I continue to look for Republicans who are principled and preserve the platform of a once Grand Old Party which exists in name only today. I found two, and neither is of my own gender. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski listened to the people and not to special interests. They voted against a horrific healthcare bill. Senator Collins believes, as I do, that what Washington should be doing is attempting to repair Obamacare. That would be logical and is very ‘doable.’ Sadly, the ego of old, white men will not allow this part of Obama’s legacy to remain.

I believe in the Constitution. America should encourage dissent, protect religious freedom for everyone, and use their most precious right; the right to vote. I believe in the right to privacy; our government should be transparent to its people, not the other way around. Everyone in America is equal. Minorities, those who practice religions other than Christianity, and women must not be treated as second class citizens. I believe that our government must represent all 320 million Americans or be removed from office. And, yes, I believe that all Americans have a right to healthcare; the same right given to all 535 of our legislators in Washington. My beliefs are liberal, and I’m proud of them.

What I do not believe in is a Donald Trump presidency. He has changed our nation in six months and 11 days. He has encouraged hatred and violence, and rejects understanding and compassion. As an original baby boomer, I cannot accept Trump’s vision of my beloved country. Hate crimes have increased 800 percent, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and that fact is directly attributable to Trump’s support of racism and bigotry. I cannot pledge my loyalty or offer my respect to a man without morals; a man who is undoubtedly a sexual predator.

As for comments, here is one offered by a very angry woman who obviously chooses to be ignorant. This one was not directed at my writing, but to Mark E Andersen, who writes for the ‘Daily Kos.’ He responded to several erroneous claims from this woman by posting the truth on Facebook. This was her response.

“If u love that pos muslim lover i would be happy to see ur wife get raped by them because u want them here.”

This is another example of the ‘Trump Effect.’ Millions of people continue to believe in Trump’s “alternative facts” rather than the truth; proving that ‘there’s no cure for stupid;’ and no cure ever for those who choose to be.

Thank you for reading my rants, and please re-post.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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