Arrogance Defines Donald Trump

Ivanka (2)

If you have never been associated with men and women who are extremely wealthy, you most likely do not know how different they are from the average man or woman. If they are born into money, they live in a very different America than you or I. Most have everything done for them from the day they are born. They have nannies who are constantly attending to their every need. When they reach school age they don’t walk to school, or take the bus, they are chauffeured to and from a private establishment. They are always chosen for sports teams, or social clubs. When it comes time to go to college, their only concern is ‘which one.’ They learn from a very early age that ‘money does buy everything,’ and money is power.

The wealthy never worry about where they will live, or will they have enough food to eat. If they become ill or injured they know that they will receive the best healthcare money can buy. They don’t associate with low-income or the poor; they ‘travel in different circles.’

What I just described is the Trump family. Millions of voters chose to be ignorant and elected a man who has no concept of what it is like to live in the real America. This is the greatest reason why he is unable to govern, and why he simply doesn’t care about the working class; we are not his peers.

Trump can be defined by a single word; arrogance. He refuses to accept advice from others. He always acts in a rash and draconian manner. He has at his disposal the finest minds in the world, but he selected the least qualified men and women in America to be his closest advisers. He never plans to use them; he will demand from them actions which will satisfy his ego, but will never ask for an opinion.

According to Ivanka Trump, she and husband Jared Kushner have learned these facts the hard way. Trump believes that wealth and intelligence are synonyms, but he is sorely mistaken.

Ivanka Trump has apparently surrendered to her father. She and Kushner recently told close friends that she has less influence with her father than she expected.

Ivanka and Kushner urged Trump to fire James Comey and Reince Priebus. However, they lobbied him to sign the Paris accord, and were surprised when he announced in a tweet that trangendered Americans were no longer welcome in the military.

However, close friends of the family do not believe that Ivanka will have many occasions to disagree with the family patriarch.

Father knows best,” and a rich father is never wrong.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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