Trump’s Energy Policy Leaves America Behind

solar farm

One of the primary reasons I praised President Obama were his strong efforts to increase America’s focus on renewable energy. For much of my 71 years I have witnessed discussion about two facts; fossil fuels will eventually be depleted, and they are very harmful to the environment. Donald Trump disagrees with these facts.

Trump will leave office with many titles; non of which will be complimentary. The worst will be the “anti-environmental president.” His choice of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency was horrific. Pruitt is in the pocket of big oil. As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, he supported unrestricted fracking, and filed multiple lawsuits against the agency he now leads.

Trump has made multiple jokes about wind, solar, and geothermal energy. He has approved drilling in our national parks and pristine wilderness. It is a fact that the nation which leads the world in renewable energy will become the wealthiest nation on the planet.

Trump denies climate change caused by man, and fails to face the reality that renewable energy creates more jobs than any other industry at a higher rate of pay.

China is facing the facts about the world’s need for clean energy. It has begun construction of 100 ‘panda-shaped’ solar farms. Unlike America, China signed the Paris Accord and is facing the future boldly and will greatly benefit from its recognition of the need for a world less dependent on fossil fuels.

Trump is not a leader; a leader moves his or her nation in a forward direction. Trump is a regressive man who lives in the past and is attempting to take our nation with him.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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Photo courtesy of US Army Environmental Command

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