Priebus was not in Control of the White House: Will John Kelly Change the Situation?

Kelly (2)

From day one most Americans were confused about who was in control of the White House. In a normal administration, the Chief of Staff handles all matters not the direct responsibility of the president. This is in no way a normal White House. Reince Priebus was not in charge. We learned in the first couple of weeks that he and chief strategist, Steve Bannon did not like each other. Communication in the White House was poor, primarily because Trump continually tweeted messages to his supporters which contradicted statements made by his top advisers.

When Trump decided to add family members to his staff, everyone asked ‘why?’ They had no qualifications and apparently no purpose. Strangely, Trump began to rely on son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for major policy proposals and advice. It became obvious the Kushner and Ivanka Trump attempted to pull Trump in one direction, while his paid staff urged him to take another path.

Tomorrow John Kelly will take his position as Chief of Staff. Will this change anything. Can a former general control these unruly and unqualified children?

No one can control Trump; he does not seek or accept advice. He sets policy in tweets which have not been seen by anyone else. Every organization; a business, a team, or any other group tends to follow the direction of their leaders. In the case of the Trump White House, that is disturbing.

It is no secret the the attorneys working for Trump in relation to the Russia investigation were not his first choice. The most experienced lawyers refused to work for your illegitimate president. A combination of his temperament, his refusal to follow advice, and his reputation for not paying for services rendered, resulted in refusal after refusal to represent him.

As for General Kelly, I sincerely doubt that he will have a huge impact. When Trump’s personal spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, was asked if she will report to Kelly, as usual she refused to directly answer the question.

I will do whatever the president and our new chief of staff, Gen. Kelly, will ask me to do,” Conway replied.

Definitely a ‘different’ White House, and one which will remain in chaos.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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