Who Really Fired Reince Priebus? The “Mooch” or the “Orange Man?”


In the normal world, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci would work for the White House Chief of Staff. Trump’s White House is far from normal. Today Priebus was fired; but who actually ‘did the deed?’

In the last two days Scaramucci criticized and threatened Priebus with the use of extremely foul and unprofessional language. Did Trump give the authority to Scaramucci to dismiss his number one man in the White House?

All we know for sure is that Trump informed the American people with a tweet. He lacks the courage to do anything confrontational person to person.

I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. He is a Great American….”

…and a Great Leader. John has also done a spectacular job at Homeland Security. He has been a true star of my Administration.”

Trump did mention Priebus, but once again in a tweet. Trump lacks any ability to be presidential.

I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country,” the president tweeted. “We accomplished a lot together and I am proud of him!”

It has been well known that Bannon and Priebus never worked well together. Did Trump hire Scaramucci to be his “hit man?” Is Trump that cowardly that he cannot do his own ‘dirty work?’

Nothing in American history has been as dysfunctional as Trump’s White House. From the top down not a single member of the White House staff is qualified to perform the job for which they were chosen. Trump’s administration makes the Nixon White House appear to be honest and effective.

My fellow Americans; we, the people, are in great danger.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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