Trump Says “Drill Baby Drill” Moving America Backwards Once Again


Trump refused to sign the ‘Paris Accord;’ an agreement to decrease pollution caused by fossil fuels. With an executive order, Trump has virtually given the oil companies carte blanche to ‘drill baby drill’ wherever and whenever they desire. Fracking wells, the greatest danger to our environment in history, are dotting the landscape of states such as Texas and Oklahoma, destroying natural beauty, and harming the earth, underground water, and the air.

Weeks ago the Swedish auto maker, Volvo, stated that it will produce only hybrid or electric vehicles beginning in 2019. Today the United Kingdom said that it will ban the sale of any new diesel or gas vehicles by the year 2040. They will also help reduce emissions being released today.

Once again Trump is moving America backwards by denying the scientific fact that climate change is caused by man’s use of fossil fuels.

We can’t carry on with diesel and petrol cars. … There is no alternative to embracing new technology,” U.K. environment secretary Michael Gove told the BBC Wednesday, according to CNN.

The world has the technology to end the use of fossil fuels. Solar, wind, and geothermal powers the electricity used in homes and businesses around the world. Hybrid vehicles have become efficient and reliable and reduce harm to air quality. Tesla and other companies are producing electric vehicles which are powerful and non-polluting. As the cost of producing all-electric vehicles is reduced, their sales will increase astronomically.

Unfortunately for America, and the world, our nation has an ignorant president who is the enemy of environmentalists. He supports big oil with a philosophy of “profit before people.”

The United States will never be a great nation until our government places people first. We are the most diverse nation in the world, and becoming more so with each day. We must cherish that fact and our government must support the right of all Americans to live freely, and have the ability to enjoy clean air and water. This can only be accomplished by leaders who move our nation forward instead of backwards.

I predicted that Trump would be a disaster for our nation; I did not foresee how huge that disaster would be. He is literally destroying our nation piece by piece.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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