Republican Senators Display Cowardice: Including John McCain


In 2000, my choice for president was John McCain. Sadly the Bush campaign lied about Senator McCain, and used ‘smear’ tactics to derail his road to the nomination. In 2008 I supported Barrack Obama for multiple reasons. One of those reasons was John McCain’s display of extremely poor judgment. When he selected Sarah Palin, a woman who was completely unqualified for public office, to be his running mate, I was certain that I had made the right choice. I could not imagine someone as ignorant and uninformed as Palin ‘one heartbeat’ away from the Oval Office.

In recent years it became obvious that McCain was too old, and had outlived his usefulness in the Senate. Although my thoughts and hopes go with him while he battles a life threatening medical situation, I must remain truthful about his politics.

Yesterday after your illegitimate Vice-President, Mike Pence, decided the outcome of the ‘vote to proceed’ on the Senate’s version of Trumpcare, Mr. McCain addressed the full senate.

He spoke of returning to bipartisanship, which is the only way in which our government will be able to function once again. McCain was also correct when he chastised both parties for accomplishing nothing in six months and six days of Trump’s illegitimate time in office. He was completely right when he called for a new beginning for the Senate’s healthcare plan which would include committee meetings and open discussion. However, words are cheap, and McCain failed to support his own stated beliefs.

Before the vote McCain told the American people that he ‘could not support the senate’s bill in its current condition.’ Later he voted in favor of the so called ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act.’ Nine Republican senators voted against the bill, but McCain was not one of them. This is more hypocrisy from Republicans.

The final vote Tuesday evening was 43 in favor of the BCRA, and 57 against. All Democrats and two Independents voted against the bill, and were joined by nine Republicans, but McCain and Rob Portman, who previously voiced their opposition, voted in favor of this despicable piece of legislation.

What’s next for the senate? They plan a vote today to repeal Obamacare. The CBO claims that this will remove healthcare for 32 million Americans.

What will happen to the American people under this vile and incompetent administration? Only Republicans know that answer. Will they have the courage to reject the harmful and dangerous agenda of Donald Trump, or will they continue to place their party first? Trump can do little harm without the support of congress. Republicans control both houses and have the power. Who in the GOP will stand up for the people and place the welfare of our nation ahead of his or her own ambitions?

Only time will tell, but the 320 million citizens of America can take control of the direction in which our country will move. We can vote Republicans out of office and replace them with men and women who will represent us. We can also remove Democrats Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and others who are weak and refuse to stand for liberal values in support of Americans who need the most assistance.

Our government must move back to the left. Right wing extremists have made our government dysfunctional. We must have representatives who are active and aggressive in their efforts to serve all Americans.

‘Time for real change.’

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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