Republicans Remain as Divided as they were before the Election


The Republican Party is a mess. They remain divided, and this has become an incurable situation. It has been a party without leadership and direction for more than 20 years. Without principles or ideas it is non-existent. Prior to the election last November, this division was at its peak; centered on one man. Those who supported Donald Trump, and those who were members of “anybody but Trump” bickered openly.

Today his party is one-hundred percent behind the worst president in history; or are they? Republicans are hypocrites. They are standing behind their party’s failed leader as long as it benefits their future in politics.

There are at least three different factions in the GOP. Few moderates remain, but they are numerous enough to be a force. Then there are true conservatives whose focus is always about fiscal issues. Then there are the extremists who have moved so far to the right that they refuse to talk to Democrats; these include the TEA Party and the Freedom Caucus.

Because John Boehner could not control the extremists in the House, it literally fell apart and remains in shreds. Boehner’s replacement, Paul Ryan, has proven to be even more inept. The man who once denounced Trump for his lack of qualifications and his immoral personal behavior, now has a single goal; to serve his master at all costs.

The Senate is another story. Although it is just as divided, GOP senators obey Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell is the prime reason our government is dysfunctional. McConnell has accomplished one thing in his more than 30 years in the senate; to do absolutely nothing. He made this promise in January of 2009, and continues to keep it today.

There is not a single man or woman in office today capable of uniting the once Grand Old Party, and Trump’s corrupt and criminal actions are creating a greater ideological split, even if it is not apparent to the general public.

Republicans have every thing they wanted. They have a man in the White House who claims to be a Republican. They control both houses of congress. The Supreme Court is now slanted to the right. And yet they are unable to govern.

It has been six months and four days since Trump’s tiny inauguration, and nothing has been accomplished in Washington. Not a single piece of significant legislation has been passed, and the August recess is approaching. If their failures continue, nothing of importance will happen until after Labor Day. Government will have failed the American people for eight and one-half months.

The only bill which could possibly come to a vote in the near future is Trumpcare. This rash and draconian healthcare law appears to be just another failed effort by Trump, McConnell, and Ryan.

Opposition to the repeal of Obamacare is strong with some Republicans. With only a slight chance of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, Trump will have once again failed to keep a campaign promise.

However, it may be worse for Republicans who are facing reelection in 2018 if it passes. More than half of American voters reject the repeal of Obamacare, and the CBO report, in concert with all major healthcare organizations are opposed to Trumpcare.

Nothing displays the extreme divisions in the GOP more than what is happening with the senate’s version of Trumpcare. As time passes, a growing number of Republicans admit that they have issues with this deplorable bill.

The House version of Trumpcare barely passed, and only after Ryan capitulated to the extremists in his party.

For more than 20 years both Democrats and Republicans have moved farther to the right. This has harmed the American people and greatly reduced our nation’s progress. Democrats must return to their liberal stance on the issues. Republicans must rid themselves of the extremists who are responsible for the ‘party of no.’

Without deliberation and compromise in Washington there will never be another law passed which will positively affect the majority and our nation’s future. As an Independent, this saddens me. I prefer to vote for the best candidates from both parties, but as long as the right wing continues to support your illegitimate and immoral president, my choices are limited.

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Op-ed by James Turnage



Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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