Trump Will Cry Foul as Bipartisan House and Senate Legislators Agree to Impose New Sanctions on Trump’s Bromance


Washington insiders claim that Trump planned to remove all sanctions against Russia during his first week in office. Congress passed a rule which prevented such action. Trump’s support for Russian President Vladimir Putin has been at the center of investigations into collusion between the two men which aided his quest for the presidency, and caused terminal damage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Simple logic confirms that the two men have had a long term relationship, likely dating back to the first time Trump took his ‘Miss Universe Pageant’ to Moscow in 2005. Trump is opposed to any and all sanctions against Russia and his handler, Vladimir Putin. Therefore, he will be very angry about recent efforts by the House and Senate.

The legislation ensures that both the majority and minority are able to exercise our oversight role over the administration’s implementation of sanctions,” Steny Hoyer of Maryland said.

Trump has already stated his opposition to any present or additional sanctions against Russia.

Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Shumer, stated that his belief is that the legislation will be passed before the August recess.

Given the many transgressions of Russia, and President Trump’s seeming inability to deal with them, a strong sanctions bill such as the one Democrats and Republicans have just agreed to is essential,” Schumer said.

The question is; ‘will Trump veto the bill?’ If he does, is this an admission of guilt? Would this force at least some Republicans to join with Democrats in a demand for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office?

My question is simple; are there any men and women in Washington who retain the courage to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Are there any men and women in Washington who will place the people of our nation ahead of politics and personal ambitions? Are there any men and women in Washington who will simply ‘do the right thing?’

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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