The 25th Amendment Can Save Our Nation


Three New York Times reporters conducted a lengthy interview with Donald Trump yesterday. I will not reiterate the details, but I will attach a link to the excerpts if you care to read them.

What concerned me about the entire context, which has been discussed on every legitimate news network this morning, is how Trump’s ramblings once again offered proof that he is mentally incompetent to be the President of the United States.

The basics were the same; defending himself; praising himself, and attacking his detractors. There was little substance.

Standing out from other subjects was his second meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. He said that he ‘went to talk to Melania and that Putin was right there.’ He was completely alone with the Russian president, and claimed that the conversation lasted 15 minutes, although the film revealed that it was nearly one hour. Trump said that they ‘discussed Russian adoptions; the same as Don Jr. did in Trump Tower.’ Really? Is ‘adoption’ a code word for sanctions? Or was Trump attempting to discount his son’s admissions that the eight people in Trump Tower had a single purpose; finding ways to defeat Hillary Clinton?

Most journalists label Trump’s words and actions as ‘unusual,’ or ‘not normal.’ No one will tell the truth; I guess that it’s up to me once again.

Trump is either suffering from dementia, or has a mental disorder. No one with mental acuity can make decisions to lie as often as he lies. No man or woman who is mentally capable can have such a weak temperament which forces them to take rash and controversial actions constantly. People with strong minds are able to focus on one task for lengthy periods of time; Trump cannot.

Paranoid Schizophrenia, also known as ‘Schizophrenia,’ is defined as the following.

A chronic mental disorder in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis).”

Trump can’t find reality. He lives in a world of his own. Everything he believes in is fantasy.

The 25th amendment allows the removal of a sitting president from office if he or she is incapable of performing their duties and responsibilities. Watching cable television and golfing are not the duties of a president. He is more concerned with pleasure and his ego than with our nation. Trump does not represent the people of the United States and cannot make rational decisions.

Six months is too long; our national nightmare must end. There is justification to evoke the 25th, and the time is now.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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