House Budget: Read Between the Lines and be very Afraid

Ryan (3)

Republicans hate the truth, facts, and honesty. That’s why when Republicans in the House Budget Committee released it’s plan for 2018, a quick analysis revealed plans to once again harm the working class and offer huge gifts to the super wealthy.

Under attack will be Medicare and Social Security; programs which have been the primary focus of Lyin Paul Ryan since his first election. Republicans are claiming that they will offer ‘tax reform,’ when what they actually mean is that huge tax cuts will be given to Trump and 584 other billionaires, and 10.7 million, millionaires. However, the Pentagon will receive a raise, including $30 billion more than requested by Trump. They will have even more money to waste.

As Republicans escalate their war on low income and impoverished Americans, there will be budget cuts, primarily to social programs.

History has proven that the working class suffers under GOP ‘leadership.’ They are completely inept when fiscal issues are discussed. This is more of Reagan and Bush’s failed ‘trickle-down economics.’ Republicans don’t want you to know that when Reagan left office in 1989, our nation had a one-trillion dollar deficit, and the unemployment rate was 10 percent.

To prove my point; when Bill Clinton left in 2001, our nation had a surplus, which George W. Bush quickly turned into a near depression.

It took a Democrat, Barrack Obama, to rescue or nation from fiscal disaster, and it appears that Trump will add trillions to the deficit while the working class will experience a decline in their quality of life.

Although conservatives claim that they want to reduce government spending, this ‘budget’ is asking for $1.1 trillion. That’s right ‘trillion.’

I know how to reduce a small portion of our debt; force congress to take a pay cut, and remove all lobbyists from Washington who influence Republicans to support special interests.

435 members of the House, and 100 Senators receive a base pay of $174,000 each year. That is $93,090,000; and this is only the ‘base pay’ for these men and women who do nothing but destroy everything which is good for the American people. If they were paid according to their accomplishments, they wouldn’t receive a dime.

And don’t forget; they have terrific healthcare and retirement benefits, which you and I pay for.

All governments are flawed. Sadly, the American people have the worst in the world.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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