What’s Wrong with this Idea? Trump has Declared July 17-24 “Made in America Week”

Trump (4)Ivanka (2)

Trump has begun another technique to distract the American people from his crimes. He has declared ‘theme weeks.’ This week is being called “Made in America Week.” I have no problem with the idea, but I have a serious problem with Trump’s hypocrisy.

‘Trump’ brand products are manufactured in 12 countries; China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea. Trump has 144 companies in 25 countries.

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is manufactured in China and Hong Kong. According to a Chinese worker’s ‘watch dog’ group, her factory is dangerous, and unhealthy, and an average worker earns about $62 per week.

This is another case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

In addition, both Trump’s are violating rules of ethics by continuing to operate their foreign business interests while doing whatever they do in the White House. But Republicans are doing nothing about it.

Ivanka claims that she has no involvement in her business. However, a lawsuit has been levied against her by an Italian shoe company, for copyright infringement. The judge is ordering her to give a deposition. She was quoted as saying that she has a part in design, and nothing leaves her factories without her approval. Just another ‘Trump family liar.’

Trump is a con man, not my president. Why doesn’t he bring back his 12 factories and employ American workers? The real answer; Trump is a member of the one-percent, and his motto is ‘profit before people.’

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Images courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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