Washington must Move to the Left in Support of the Working Class

Democrats (2)

I will continue to write articles about this fact until everyone, especially Democrats, listens. For decades Washington has been moving to the right. Republicans have become so extreme; they have moved so far to the right they are now wrong for America.

Democrats have also moved away from their principles. They must move back to the left in support of the working class and embrace the label of ‘liberal.’ FDR is the hero of most Americans. He never wavered in his support for the needs and wishes of the majority.

Democrats have become divided, and this has led to a lessening of the quality of life for the majority. Although President Obama championed the working class, his party was less dedicated. This fact, combined with the ‘party of no’ resulted in fewer accomplishments than the people expected.

In 2009 as the effort to provide healthcare for all Americans began, it was obvious from the beginning that the battle would not be between the right and left; it would be between liberals, who now hide behind the label ‘progressive,’ and corporate leaning Democrats. If liberals had accomplished their goals, Trumpcare would not be part of the discussion in Washington today. The American people would have free or inexpensive healthcare under a ‘single-payer’ program, similar to our neighbors to the north in Canada. In 2009 Democrats controlled both houses of congress and the presidency, but congress failed their president, and therefore the American people.

Democrats must face reality. Millennials are now the largest voting bloc in America. When they eventually realize that voting is not only a right, but also affects their future, they will control everything which happens in Washington. The primary reason they appear apathetic, is because most are opposed to political parties. Millennials support free education for all, and reject corporate greed. They also tend to be less prejudiced; support equality for women; and refuse to accept religion as their blueprint for a moral compass.

America will experience a renewal of the FDR era when government’s focus was on the working class. Income inequality will diminish, as our nation moves away from a plutocracy, and towards democratic socialism. Taxation will once again be proportionate to each individual’s income. College age Americans will no longer be forced into long term debt to receive a degree from an accredited university. The minimum wage will become a ‘living wage,’ and fewer families will live in poverty. Healthcare will be free for everyone, and no American will lose their fight for life because they cannot obtain services from medical professionals. Americans will be allowed to retire at an age which allows them to enjoy life, rather than merely survive. Our air, water, and land will be pollution free as clean, renewable energy replaces all use of fossil fuels.

I may not live to see the return of my America where an oligarchy or a plutocracy no longer rules over us, but I know that it will happen. It is true that my body may have been exhausted by that time, and I will cease to exist, but so will all of the old white men in congress. Hope makes life more fulfilling.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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