Was Donald Trump Sr. at Nefarious Russian Meeting?

Trump (7)

Trump and his circle of sinners can continue to lie, but eventually the truth comes into the light of day, and both trust and credibility are greatly diminished. The most recent lie by Trump’s top lawyer has exposed the truth; Donald Trump Sr. attended this nefarious meeting with several Russians offering information to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Jay Sekulow: I wonder why the Secret Service, if this was nefarious, why the Secret Service allowed these people in,” Sekulow said on ABC’s “This Week,” referring to Trump’s protection detail as the Republican candidate. “The President had Secret Service protection at that point, and that raised a question with me.”

Lawyers are frequently nothing more than “Kellyanne Conways;” paid liars. In this instance, the secret service responded with a fact which exposed an attempt to misdirect the American people.

“Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time,” the statement said.

Trump’s staffers continue to claim that the secret service was involved in this meeting. If that is true, Trump himself was in attendance. He was under secret service protection at the time.

It is impossible to believe, knowing Trump’s ego and his need for complete control over every situation, that he was not in attendance at a meeting with several Russian agents in his golden tower in New York. Lies attempting to claim that Trump was not in the city at the time have been debunked. Trump was there, and Trump was part of the discussion.

Let’s talk about the truth. Donald Trump, Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, and others lacked the experience and talent to conduct a superior campaign. It is obvious that they had assistance from someone who could harm Hillary and help Trump. All signs point to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Don’t be fooled by our treasonous media; the question about whether or not interference in the electronics of the election was successful is not the primary concern. Damaging Hillary was the ultimate goal. In the three states which turned ‘red’ and gave Trump the electoral vote, Independent and Democratic voter turnout was less than expected. Was Putin responsible for this fact? Did Wikileaks release of information obtained by hacking the DNC result in the creation of doubt which in turn caused voters to stay away from the polls?

If this is true, then Trump and his campaign staff are guilty of colluding with a foreign adversary, and the word for that is treason. America has a man defiling the White House who is a Russian agent; he is not an American president.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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