Be Proud that You Are a Liberal: Nothing is more American


The GOP is ‘Republican in name only.’ They have none of the principles and no ideas of the party I voted for more than 20 years ago. Democrats are slipping away from the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For the majority, he was the greatest president of all time. It’s time to return to a nation whose leader represents the majority of the American people.

FOX Noise, Rush Limbaugh, and Republican politicians have attempted to make the term ‘liberal’ a derogatory description of those on the left side of the aisle. I wear it proudly. My concerns about our nation’s welfare are the same as yours. First and foremost the needs and desires of the vast majority of Americans must be the priority. Income inequality, education, equality for women, adequate healthcare, wages, immigration reform, and renovating our judicial system must be priorities. Capitalism has failed the working class; Bernie Sanders is right.

Billionaire Tom Steyer is the largest donor to the Democratic Party. He believes that they must support Bernie’s platform.

When people say Bernie is crazy, no. Bernie is talking about inequality. That is the burning issue in the United States.”

When our founding fathers created the United States of America, the guiding principle was equality for all. Today’s America reveals that only one-percent of Americans have complete equality. They are not forced to struggle for the basic necessities of life. They are not concerned about healthcare regulation. If they suffer a long and debilitating illness, they have no worry that they could lose their home. Protecting social security is meaningless to them. When America invades another nation, and long wars ensue, their children will not serve in the military. The super wealthy attend the finest schools; the cost is of no concern. Women in this economic level don’t need Planned Parenthood for their reproductive healthcare; they can buy whatever they want or need.

There are two Americas. The wealthy live in one and the working class in another. America has by far the most billionaires in the world at 585. If that’s interesting, consider the fact that our nation has 10.7 million, millionaires. That means that approximately 11.3 million Americans have 90 percent of our nation’s wealth, and pay a lower tax percentage than the other 310 million.

America has never been a great nation. Prejudice and bigotry have forbidden our country that label. Under far too many presidents, the working class is left behind, and the word ‘great’ is only an illusion created by politicians. Education is the greatest problem solver for this condition; and it must be free for all. This would help reduce income inequality in America. A ‘single payer’ healthcare system is the only logical solution to an unfair medical care situation which now persists. Only a government controlled by Democratic Socialism will solve all of our nation’s problems.

Be proud to be a liberal; do not fear that label; embrace it.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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