Are the Trump Family and his Circle of Sinners Preparing for the Worst?

Trump and Spawn

America is under the control of a ‘Mafia family.’ Although the mainstream media is ignoring this fact, the reality is that Donald Trump and his spawn are the most corrupt and despicable family in America. Trump’s extended family; his top advisers, including his cabinet members are included in this group of debauched and anti-American individuals.

Every week more information is released about the collusion between the Trump campaign and Trump’s handler, Vladimir Putin. The focus is on the 2016 election, but it was much larger than that. In 2005, Putin and Trump formulated a plan to destroy America by isolating our country from nations who have been our allies for decades.

This plan is being exposed; not by our elected officials, but by the American and foreign press and thousands of others like myself who refuse to ignore the facts. In a court of law circumstantial evidence is acceptable if it is considered a ‘preponderance.’ This is what we have with Trump and his circle of sinners. From Michael Flynn, to Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Trump Jr., Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump, and Russian agents including Sergey Kislyak, Dimitri Firtash, Viktor Yanukovych, and many more, the truth is that Trump and his circle of sinners have all colluded with Russian agents for at least two years.

Let’s stop the bull**it and face the facts. Let’s refuse to be Republicans and stop denying the truth. Everyone associated with Donald Trump has Russian connections. His daughter has factories in Russia. Trump Jr. has met with several Russians. Jared Kushner has not only met with Russians many times, he has ties with oligarchs in the real estate world. Robert Mercer, who is the secretive force behind the Trump administration is involved with Russians and their efforts to ‘make America great again.’

However, their world is crumbling. Weeks before Trump Jr. revealed his e-mails proving that he attempted to collude with Russian agents to defeat Hillary Clinton, attorneys were already bought and paid for by Trump and his family. Saturday a new campaign finance report revealed that “it paid $50,000 to the law firm of attorney Alan Futerfas on June 27. That payment was made 13 days before it was publicly revealed that Futerfas would represent Trump’s eldest son in the Russia investigations.”

What did the Trump administration know before the information about meetings with now confirmed multiple Russian agents at Trump Tower was revealed? Was Donald Trump Sr. in attendance? How could any meeting of the magnitude of this nature occur without the knowledge of the family patriarch? How arrogant is the Trump family? They are not exclusively rich and privileged men and women today. Everything they eat, discuss, and do are under heavy scrutiny. If they believed anything less, they are far more ignorant than I once believed.

The lives of the Trump family are a ‘soap opera.’ Sadly, their involvement in American politics and the very future of our nation has significance today. They are the worst and most corrupt family in America, and they must be removed from their positions of power and be prosecuted for their crimes of larceny and even treason.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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