Americans are Desperate for a Leader, and Trump has Failed Us

Trump (4)

Leader: “A person who manages or controls other people, especially because of his or her ability or position.” A leader moves his or her nation forward not backwards. A leader’s first priorities are his followers. A leader leads by example, not with empty words and promises.

None of these definitions are applicable to Donald Trump. After two trips abroad Trump removed himself from the title ‘leader of the free world.’ He alienated our closest allies, and embraced autocrats and despots. At home he has refused to listen to the people. His efforts are focused only on those who supported him during his campaign, and that number is dwindling. Trump is not an ‘American president,’ he is an illegitimate president who represents special interests only.

Trump’s approval rating is historically low at 36 percent. His disapproval rating has reached an all time high at 58 percent for a sitting president. A growing statistic which is frightening is 48 percent of Americans believe that Trump has weakened our position in the world. 27 percent, Trump’s ignorant supporters, say that it is stronger. The majority of Americans claim that they do not trust Donald Trump.

The only world leader who supports Trump is Vladimir Putin. Although the press erroneously reported that their meeting at the G20 was a first, the two men began a close relationship in 2005, and renewed it in 2013, when two Miss Universe Pageants were held in Moscow. They have exchanged multiple phone calls since Trump’s Electoral College win in November 2016.

I have no doubt that Trump is following the directives of the Russian president. His attempts to curtail free speech, and recreate America into a one party system cannot be ignored.

The most unsettling statistic is that 60 percent of Americans are convinced that Putin interfered in our election. 40 percent believe that members of Trump’s campaign staff colluded with Russians to help him defeat Hillary Clinton.

America needs a leader. For the past eight years we had a President who was respected around the world. He refused to accept Putin’s crimes and places sanctions on his country. Trump attempted to remove all sanctions during his first week in office. Our relationship with the European Union, Japan, and China had reached a level which existed prior to the presidency of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Trump is ‘winging it.’ Voters who are responsible for allowing Trump to defile the White House are also responsible for reversing the gains made for the American people in more than 60 years.

Trump’s lack of experience and qualifications have proven disastrous. An American president cannot exist and be effective through on-the-job training.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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