If This Is “Making America Great Again,” No Thank You


Let’s take a look at how Trump’s action’s have ‘made America great again’ in nearly six months in office. (I know what you’re thinking; it feels more like six years!)

The United States is more divided than at any time in history excluding the Civil War. There exists a level of hatred between Trump supporters and Trump detractors I have never witnessed before. Not even the divisions caused by Bush and Cheny rose to the level they are today.

He has made the world more dangerous for everyone as he continues to antagonize China and North Korea. Trump’s lack of ability to be ‘diplomatic’ has once more placed nuclear confrontation as a realistic concern for not only America, but people around the world.

Trump is harming businesses whose profits are dependent upon exports as he continues to remove America’s partnership in trade agreements.

He has become a recruiter for terrorists as he continues his anti-Muslim words and actions. Hatred for America, primarily by youn Muslim men has reached a new level.

America is no longer a part of the Paris Accord as Trump continues to deny that climate change caused by man is a reality.

The results of his refusal to accept science and his removal of our nation’s trade agreements have angered our closest allies. In less than six months Trump has removed America and its president as the leader of the free world. European leaders have already stated that they cannot rely on the United States any longer, and stated that they do not trust Trump. Japan has tentatively agreed to a trade agreement with the European Union, bypassing the United States.

Hate crimes have increased since Trump declared his candidacy in June of 2015. African Americans, Hispanics, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and women in general are living in an increased state of fear.

Obamacare was in need of revisions, but instead Trump, McConnell, and Ryan are rushing through a healthcare bill to repeal a law which worked for most Americans. Although Republican politicians have received countless protests, they are moving forward with Trumpcare which will take more than 22 million Americans off of their health insurance; reduce Medicaid; reduce funding for Planned Parenthood; raise premiums; make it difficult for Americans with preexisting conditions to obtain healthcare; remove coverage including pregnancy and mental health treatment; and raise co-pays. What Trumpcare will do is offer additional tax credits to Trump and 584 other billionaires.

Trump’s proposed budget will offer even more tax credits for the super wealthy, and add trillions to our national debt.

The blueprint for his plan to repair our infrastructure asks for one-trillion dollars. Only $200 billion will actually be spent on construction; the other $800 billion will be tax credits to the “job creators.” (Remember how well that worked under Bush and Cheney?)

America was once a respected nation but now that it is “great again” we have become the laughing stock of the world.

One final thing; with Trump as your illegitimate president, our country is no longer a democracy. It is now an oligarchy, soon to be a plutocracy, and soon Washington will become a fascist dictatorship.

Thanks to both Donny Boy, and his arrogant and ignorant supporters, the dream of our founding fathers is slipping away.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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