Why I will never Vote for a Man to be our President Again


The United States of America celebrated 241 years of its existence one week ago. Our nation has had 44 presidents; Grover Cleveland was elected twice, therefore Trump is technically our 45th and illegitimate president. With few exceptions, these men conducted their administrations like a pissing contest. Their egos surpassed their abilities and prevented them from focusing on the needs of the American people.

There is no better example of this fact than Donald J. Trump. Every proposal he has offered would harm not help the American people. He is more concerned with appeasing Vladimir Putin and 584 other billionaires than with the needs and desires of the majority. His devotion to his diminishing number of supporters is intentionally designed to reject minorities, citizens who practice any religion other than Christianity, and women’s rights.

Trump is a ‘dirty old man,’ and those three words are why he is failing America.

In the 2016 campaign season, I initially supported Bernie Sanders. As an Independent, I have always supported candidates whose views are closest to my own. I agree with Bernie that capitalism has failed the great majority of our nation’s people, as the one-percent controls an entire party in Washington. I agree that education must be our nation’s focus, and free education for all is as American as anything can be. I also agree that health care is a right, and a ‘single payer’ system is the only manner in which everyone will have adequate coverage.

Unlike others, I switched my support to Hillary Clinton when it became apparent that Bernie was not going to win the nomination. Her stance on the issues was close to Bernie’s and her experience and qualifications to become our 45th president were incomparable. Her focus was on the working class and families, both of which are too frequently ignored by our nation’s past male presidents.

The ‘Trump Effect’ is real, and it has broad ramifications. After more than five month’s of Trump and his mostly male administration, I have decided that I will never vote for a man to be our president again. They have failed us for 241 years, with few exceptions.

Women have a different perspective; a different list of priorities. They tend to be less bigoted, and are without a doubt more compassionate and understanding.

I will no longer accept men such as Trump, Ryan, McConnell, Cruz, and others who are more concerned about the size of their manhood than the American people.

We are the nation; government is intended to serve us, not rule over us.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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